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About us

Indiwd is a brand from the city of Arkhangelsk (Russia), focused on producing high-quality street wear.

Having been selling third-party brands for a long time, in 2014 we wanted to design something of our own. Starting with simple thematic projects of sweatshirts and hoodies, later we began working on various patterns of basic things and winter jackets.

If you look at the brand now, you can distinguish three main areas we pay most our attention to. The first area is designs on anime and superhero themes. In these projects, we try to stylize the costumes of various characters, designing models for the conditions of the urban environment. Illustrations for hoodies are made with embroidery, and silk-screen printing is mainly used on T-shirts.

The second area is the basic line of hoodies, trousers and T-shirts. There you will find not only classic patterns of casual wear, but also functional models of a complex cut that will be able to protect you in windy and frosty weather.

The third one is winter Alaska jackets and down jackets focused on low temperatures. High-quality materials such as membrane fabrics, various artificial and natural insulation materials, as well as accessories manufactured by YKK are used for their production.

Contact us

+7 950 660-10-35 (с 10:00 до 17:00 по Мск.)